dependency not met (SOLVED)

Hi Mark,
Back again I’m afraid.I am using Inkscape graphic package.
When I check the error log I get this

I found the pstoedit and Dia packages and installed them through Synaptic. This cleared 3 errors but leaves me with

Hope you can help to find these 2

I take it Inkscape is working ?

Do you NEED these features ?

How did you install Inkscape ?

Which Linux distro/version/architecture ? (eg. Ubuntu 12.04 32bit)

If we’re talking about an Ubuntu >= 12.04 based dstro …

If you really must, you should be able to get rid of the fig2dev dependency message by installing [b]transfig[/code:

sudo apt-get install transfig

But there’s no easy way of satisfying the skconvert dependency … that’s part of the skencil package, which doesn’t appear to be in the repos.

But I don’t think either are necessary for Inkscape to work … they appear to be just export filters, to export Inkscape drawings to other file formats.

Thanks Mark,
You are, of course, correct.
Inkscape is working beautifully and these extra packages are not necessary.
I can feed .svg drawings to LinuxCNC from Inkscape after I use the Gcode extensions.
Dia is not needed either so I will get rid of that.

take care
Don W