Do I update?

Hi everyone,
Hopefully this is a very quick question to answer.
I have an HP 5520 all in one which is wirelessly connected to my laptop, desktop and (iPad) (ignore the last word Mark), I have a static IP as per your instructions previously, all is working well, just got a notification that there is an update from HP, should I continue with this or just ignore the update? Don’t want to mess up when everything is working fine.
I am hoping the answer is a straight "Yes " or “No”.

TIA, Degsy

I take it you’re getting this message either in WinLOL or on the iPiad-too-much ?

Or is it a Linux update that’s being offered through your update-manager ?

Hi Mark,
Sorry, should have been a bit more specific, the update is offered to HPLIP 3.xxxxxx whatever the number was, I think by HP on my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop. Just wondered if I did the update if it would affect the smooth operation of the Printer/Scanner which is working well since with your help I set a static IP.


So is it being offered by the update manager ?

if so, say yes and accept the update.

Thanks, Mark, will carry out the update shortly.


I doubt if it’ll remove the printer … but if it does, it’s dead easy to re-add an HP printer :slight_smile: