Does anyone know an app like Duolingo but for Linux commands?

I want to learn Linux with an app (Android) similiar to Duolingo but can’t find any. I know there are apps like this to learn programming (Grasshopper, Sololearn, Programming Hub) but couldn’t find any for Linux.usps tracking showbox speed test

Hello Farukhcasy2 - and welcome to the Forum.

I am not aware of any Duolingo-like applications, and they probably charge a fee, anyway.
The best start might be to search online for “linux tutorials” and you will find very many that are all free to use. There are tutorials to suit all levels of ability and experience and I am sure that you will find something to suit you.
Unless you have an aversion to reading real books, I recommend strongly “The Linux Command Line” by William Shotts. It provides structured learning from basics to advanced.
Finally, of course, there are several Linux forums where people are keen to offer help and advice at all levels. You don’t have to know any Linux to ask questions - everyone here has had to start from the beginning and we understand the initial difficulties.

Good luck. We hope to see you here again.


Linux Operating SystemAnki is great for , but it’s for learning anything yourself. If you want to learn a language with Anki, you’ll still need a book or something to learn the grammar. Duolingo is very accessible and you can read about the grammar before you do a lesson. It’s actually a great combinations. Duolingo for learning the grammar, Anki for studying words.