Domain Names ...

Ok, so I’m kind of plugging a vendor here, however as they’re supplying at cost it really doesn’t feel like an ‘advert’. For anyone who uses domain names (UK or US in particular) you’ll likely be using a third party vendor who is “probably” charging you between £10 and £20 per year for regular domains. (first year special offers aside) They do this by getting a bulk price from national registries, adding (quite a hefty) markup, then selling the service on.

We now have a vendor (!) who is providing the service with no markup, so you effectively pay wholesale prices, which is between £3 and £4 per year for a UK domain and maybe £6 for a US .com.

And of course once you have your domain name there, you’re just a few clicks away from using their primary service which is to protect your website(s) and other online assets. Again they have a free tier so I feel this isn’t really an advert as such. Looking at the stats they seem to have foiled around 47,000 malicious attacks on “this” site in the last month alone and have provided a consistently ‘good’ service.