Driver for Acer IPN 2220 Wireless card??

I have an Acer travelmate 2700 notebook which is 6 years old. I’ve recently installed Linux for the first time in my life and I have a problem. The laptop can’t detect my wireless network. I wondered if I needed to install a driver for the wireless card but I checked Acer website and I couldn’t find any for Linux. Can anyone give me any suggestions about how I can solve the problem?

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Doesn’t sound like your wireless interface is supported, in which case you need to be looking at using the Windows driver with the ‘ndiswrapper’ package. (which allows Linux to use Windows network drivers) On Ubuntu/Debian, from the command line try;

sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils
ndiswrapper -i <your windows .INF file>
modprobe ndiswrapper
ifup wlan0

And see what happens …

Instructions for loading the Acer IPN2220 wireless drivers with ndiswrapper… it’s really an InProComm IPN2220 802.11g wireless adapter.

1.) Install the ndiswrapper-utils package… open a terminal and enter:

sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils

2.) Download the windows driver on the Acer website (referenced “Acer IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card NDIS Miniport Driver”)… or from here:
and place the downloaded file in your “Home” folder.

3.) Back in the terminal enter:

cd ~

(hit enter after each line… you should now have a folder called A802 in your Home folder)

4.) Still in the terminal enter:

sudo -cp -Rf ~/A802/ /opt/

(to copy the A802 folder to /opt/)

5.) Still in the terminal enter:

sudo ndiswrapper -i /opt/A802/Win2k/neti2220.inf

(to load the driver with ndiswrapper)

6.) Still in the terminal enter:

sudo ndiswrapper -m

(to create the module for the linux kernel)

7.) Still in the terminal enter:

sudo modprobe ndiswrapper

Now check in NetworkManager to see if your wireless network is detected… if it is, configure your wireless connection.

8.) Now to load the driver every time your system boots… back in a terminal, enter:

sudo gedit /etc/modules

and add the line:
at the end of the file… save and exit.

You’re done.

(you can now delete the file and the A802 folder from within your Home folder if you wish)

Really just an extended version of what MP said :wink: