driver help

hi would someone be able to get me help with drivers in backtrack 5 i have and acer aspire 5750 my wireless network card and sound card dont seen to works

Backtrack 5 appears to be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Firstly, does your ethernet port work ? … ie. can you connect to the internet with an ethernet cable ?

Can you supply the EXACT model of your Aspire … should be on a sticker underneath … is it a 5750G or 5750-6872 or similar.

Let’s deal with networking first, as once we have that running, a system update may fix the sound automatically.

Networking -

Can you open a terminal and run these commands, and post the output back here:

sudo lshw -C network


lspci -vnn

Obviously if you cannot connect to the internet, you’ll need to copy the output to a text file, then bung that on a USB stick or get it to another PC somehow.