Dropbox installation in PM5

I am having problems installing Dropbox in a recently installed version of PM5. When I click the Dropbox icon in the internet section it comes up with ‘In order to use Dropbkx you must download the propriety daemon’
I have done this several times and it just locks at ‘download compete 100%’
Software manger shows it’s installed but won’t show on task bar even after reboot.
Any ideas?

This was fixed with an update … so run a full system update:

sudo apt update


sudo apt upgrade


sudo apt dis-upgrade


Now try dropbox again

Worked a treat. :slight_smile:
Cured the home folder encryption too. :slight_smile:
Thanks Mark.

If you’ve encrypted the home folder … can I suggest you run:


and when prompted for your password, enter your Peppermint login password.

You should then be presented with the mount key for mounting the encrypted home … write down the generated mount key somewhere safe (NOT on the PC) … if you ever kill your OS, you’ll need this key to be able to access the encrypted home, say via a LiveUSB.

This is “supposed” to get run on first boot, but doesn’t … it’s in the release notes:

Can I ask what encrypted home folder issue you were referring to ?

Thanks. Just done that.

The issue was simply that in previous versions when asked if I wanted to encrypt the Home folder the random password generator came up straight away. This time it didn’t.

but it came up “on its own” after an update ?

As soon as I updated and rebooted it came up and I generated a password.

OK, thanks Toonman :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: