dropbox problem (SOLVED)

I tried to use Dropbox but was unsuccessful, now I would like to get rid of it. How do I get rid ?

Don W

what’s the output from:

dpkg -l | grep dropbox


ls -al ~/.config/autostart

Hi Mark,

don@ldwatson ~ $ dpkg -l | grep dropbox
ii nemo-dropbox 2.2.0-0~webupd8~xenial0 amd64 Dropbox integration for Nemo
don@ldwatson ~ $ ls -al ~/.config/autostart

If it’s not autostarting, why do you want to remove it ? … would you rather try fix it ?

But if you really want to remove it:

sudo apt-get remove --purge nemo-dropbox

Hi Mark,
I would rather keep it if it works.
I have downloaded the updated version but it says this when I try to run it :

ERROR: Breaks existing package ‘nemo-dropbox’ conflict: dropbox ()

How do I progress ??

Don W

What gets returned in the terminal if you run:

dropbox start -i

It shows the Dropbox start up box the same as what I get on startup.

EDIT When I try to login it says that dropbox is out of date. I have downloaded the latest version, dropbox_2015.10.28_amd64.deb


sudo dropbox update

and click the “OK” button.

Then try running dropbox from the menu

Thanks Mark,
There is an icon in the task bar that I can use to open Dropbox. It works very well.
Thanks again for your suggestions.
Don W