ebook elonex 511EB

I have a ebook reader but it dosen’t show up as mounted I am trying to upgrade and put pdf files on, I need to unmount for the upgrade I have ubuntu 11.04 Please help

What’'s the make/model of the ebook reader ?

is it a USB connection ?

with it plugged in, what is the output from


Sorry … I should have read the title of this topic for the make/model :-[

According to this forum thread:

and some of the comments on this page:

You need to upgrade the firmware on the 511EB to version 0.47 … it should then be detectable in Linux and OSX.

The links to the firmware on those pages no longer work … you need to go here:

And be SURE to get the correct firmware for either the non-touchscreen model, or the touchscreen model.

You will need to do this on a Windows PC, and any firmware update to your Elonex 511EB is done AT YOUR OWN RISK.
(so don’t blame me if you end up “bricking” your ebook reader)