Ebuyer or HP now doing Ubuntu laptops

Either HP or Ebuyer are now bunging Ubuntu on laptops

(12.04, but hey ho)

Kinda surprised me … pleasantly :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s good news. It would be even better with Peppermint 4…or 5! :wink:

But of course :slight_smile:

That’s a serious laptop, my guess is that this is HP not Ebuyer, other things I’ve read recently suggest to me HP want to break away from Microsoft and this could be them testing the waters with Linux

It would be interesting to know how well it sells


Yeah, pity they don’t provide those figures … I suppose we can get a rough idea of “how well” it’s selling by comparing the amount of revoo responses compared to a Windows laptop.

I was quite pleased by most of the revoo reviews … I expected more “I coldn’t get used to Ubuntu so I put Windows on it” type responses … but happily most responses were along the lines of “took a small amouunt of learning, but it’s great” :slight_smile:

I got the impression that a lot of the reviewees (if that’s a word, if not it is now) were people who were already Linux users. some talk of instaliing Mint

another talks of installing Windows for his missus while he preferred linux, another misguided soul talked of “upgrading” to Windows but I think that was a typo (he obviously meant downgrading right ?)

Anyway the important thing is it get’s Linux under the spotlight which can only be a good thing :slight_smile: