Editing images and pictures

Hello, I want to add some pictures to my blog but it says they have to be at least 820 x 300 pixels. How do I change the pictures?

Hi Melissa

What distro are you using and what image viewers do you have installed ?


GIMP is probably your best bet … it should be in your package manager(s)

Yes, I have got it but don’t know how to change the pixels on it.

Hi, if you want to use gimp you can resize by opening up the image in gimp, go to image - scale image - then choose the height and width, leave it set at PX for pixels and then click scale - you then need to export it, file - export - and either rename it and save it if you’re keeping the original, otherwise save it as the same file name and it will replace it.

You should also have gThumb installed? if so right click the photo - open with gThumb - go to tools and resize, pick the height and width, then a destination and also the format/type of image if you want it different, otherwise just ckick execute and it will save and resize it.


p.s if you’re doing a lot of images look up ‘batch process’ for gimp as it’s a lot quicker . . . . .

If you simply want to scale the image in GIMP

Image > Scale Image

Choose your resolution … click “Scale”

Then Export the image to save it.

There are tons of tutorials for the GIMP online … see here:

There are also online image editors, such as Pixlr:

Thanks Dave- no not got gThumb- will try with Gimp and see how I go. Is G thumb a better option?

Many thanks!