Email changes ...

Anyone with a account, please be aware I’ve just turned on reverse DNS checking … so if you (or anyone) sends you email from random home computers directly, this will no longer work. i.e. your mail machine will need to have a reverse DNS lookup to match your forward lookup.

Solution for anyone with this issue:
Pipe your mail via an authenticated account, your GMail account will do the trick.

Will there be any warning that something didn’t get through ?


OK I can answer that … erm NO, I’m no longer getting notifications from the Peppermint forum or email from … and apparently nothing to warn me that I’m not receiving them :o

The sender gets the bounce messages - that is the way of Email.

Be no point in notifying you every time the system rejected a spam destined for your inbox !!

  • you’ll get the email so long as the system thinks it’s Ok or it “might” be spam.
  • if you’re getting nothing, I’m guessing you have a major non-conformance on the peppermint forum email system.
    (which probably needs fixing as many other email systems will drop the mail too … I’m just adding checks others have been doing for a long time …)

Nobody else is reporting not getting the forum notifications … or emails from addresses

Also if I email any of my address from gmail … the peppermint address is just set to forward email to one of my addresses on your server … it doesn’t get through, and I get NO rejected mail notification in gmail

I think this is related to those messages I told you about from spamassasin, where half the mail was getting flagged as spam because it was getting tagged as no rDNS … but now I’m getting NOTHING from

I’ll figure it out … I think they’re gonna try adding the SMTP settings to SMF’s email system … I doubt if that will help if email that’s bounced from the same server still fails.

I’ve said they need to ask to check why rDNS isn’t working (as I assume it’ll be them that have the DNS servers for the Peppermint VPS) … but dunno if they have.

Networking makes my head hurt.

Ok, problem ::

Apr 2 01:01:56 dns1 postfix/smtpd[10631]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 450 4.7.1 Client host rejected: cannot find your hostname, []; from= to= proto=ESMTP helo=

Looking up gives
Looking up gives

So as far as the mail servers are concerned - you’re clearly not who you say you are.
Hence the “gateway demon” denies passage. (!)

Nobody else is reporting not getting the forum notifications

Means that they are not using providers who implement “reject unknown client” OR SPF (because your domain has no SPF record) which should preclude BT, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc etc… if it is getting to these guys, then something very strange is happening as there is clearly no SPF on the domain, and these guys all publish their policy on SPF. For example;
  • Unless of course their providers have you whitelisted, which I guess is possible, although it would seem unlikely given their policies …

Can you send an email to my GMail account so I can see the trace re; where it goes ???

Works fine with Gmail … I’m forwarding them from there now ???

I’ve had the forum send you a notification of a waiting PM … did you get it ?

Mm, not noticed it (?)

Memory problems MP ?

You emailed me part of the headers, so you definitely got it…

>Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of client-ip=;

Looks like Google are implementing a “benefit of doubt” policy atm (or best guess) - but this isn’t guaranteed to last (!)
And they seem not to be doing forward / reverse verification … so I guess they’re very confident about their spam scanning software.

Ring any bells :slight_smile: