Embedded C on Linux - Programmer (Top remuneration waiting)

Embedded C on Linux - Programmer needed by well-established company in energy efficiency sector

Significant experience in programming hardware drivers, interactive web pages, databases and TCP/IP protocols needed. This experience must be with embedded hardware with limited resource.

The job entails:

• Develop an embedded Linux web interface
• Install an embedded Linux operating system on the device (meter)
• Install/develop hardware drivers (UART) for the Linux device to talk to the meter processor (Modbus protocol)
• Install develop and implement Linux device drivers for web access via ethernet.
o TCP/IP Protocols - DHCP, UPD, SNTP, SNMP, Secure FTP, Secure TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Web Mail etc
• Install a database to store the meter data and allow simple and fast access via a web server application
• Calculate derived data from historic data stored in the database. This must be fast and efficient.
• Program and install a web interface for the Linux device to make the meter data available remotely via the internet and intranet networks.
o Data access must be fast
o Presentation must be simple but elegant
Provide full documentation of the code and production requirements for programming etc. in real time on GIT Hub.

Hardware already selected:
• Processor NXP LPC3240FET
• Real Time Clock PCF2129T
• SLC NAND Flash (Micron) 2Gbit
• SDRAM 128Mbit (32Mx4)
• Watchdog STM706
o Power supply 1W @ 12Vdc

Fully detailed product specification available on request to serious applicants.

Top remuneration offered for experienced knowledgeable and efficient applicants; possible retainer for ongoing support.
Well established company providing fully approved energy efficiency technology into international markets.
Friendly, supportive, creative atmosphere.
No need to relocate (to Yorkshire, UK) - work from home (unless you want to come here).
Full support and team updates via SKYPE.

Please contact us via this forum.