Epson Stylus SX515W

Hi there, new to linux…so noob! lol

Basically I cant seem to install the driver to run all in one printer wirelessly. I installed the driver from here

Once it installs with the Ubuntu Software Centre I cant find the installation.

This is also the case with my squeezebox.



Go to -
System → Adminstration → Printing
(or if using 11.04’s Unity desktop - open the application lens, and enter printer in the search box)

Once the Printing dialog opens, click Add

Under Printer Type select:-
Network Printer
In the drop-down list select:-
AppSocket/HP JetDirect

This will show two text boxes called Host: and Port:
for Host: you need to put the IP address of the printer.
Leave the Port: as the default 9100

You can determine the IP of the printer by pressing the Setup key on the printer, then select Network → Network Settings → Display Wireless Summary
If the printer is currently connected to the network, it’s IP address will be listed.
(it would probably be a good idea to give your printer a static IP)

Enter the IP address and select Forward

Now you need to choose your printer driver.

Under Manufacturer choose Epson
Now for Model you will choose Stylus SX515

It will suggest that you use the:-
Epson Stylus SX515 - CUPS+Guttenprint v5.2.6 Simplified [en] (recommended)
Click Forward

Describe Printer, enter the following details:-
Printer Name: Epson-Stylus-SX515
Description: Epson Stylus SX515
Click Apply

Now you can go back to the Printing dialog box, right-click the Epson-Stylus-SX515 printer, and select Set As Default.

thank you well explained after a few hours search i got the answer from here
i solved my Epson Stylus SX515W driver problem now my Epson Stylus SX515W works fine

You’re most welcome pramod7770, glad it helped :slight_smile:

BTW, welcome to the forum.