Epson SX235W

Hi Guys

Rather than muddle my way through with bits from several sources, I hope you don’t mind a new thread to start from fresh.

I’m wanting to install the Epson stylus SX235W, from scratch. I’d like to connect via it’s wi-fi feature.

How so?


Which Linux distribution and version are you running ?

Ubuntu 11.10

Tsk!.. I thought you knew everything. ;D

I’m on 11.10 32bit

I’m glad you included the 32bit part … shows I’ve been offline for a month, I forgot to ask that ::slight_smile:

Anyway …
Go to this page:

ignore the Model name drop down menu, and instead scroll down to the Form for download section.

in that section look for:

Epson Stylus NX230/SX235W/TX230W/TX235W

and tick the box (circle).

scroll to the bottom of the page, and make the 2 dropdown menu’s read:

Distribution = Ubuntu
Distribution version = 11.10

Click Next.

Now from that page, download these 3 packages.


To install them, just double-click them, then when the Ubuntu Software Centre opens, Click Install… they MUST be installed in the order above,iscan-data_1.13.0-1_all.deb FIRST.

The printer should now be working, but the scanner won’t be, so …

Now you need to get the IP address for your All-In-One.

This bit is for a different Epson printer, but it should be similar for the SX235W… Go to Menu on the front of the printer, select “Setup,” then “Confirm Network Settings.”
Somewhere in there, the IP address of your printer/scanner should be listed.
If you want, you can print a status sheet from here by hitting the “Start” button… This will contain info like your IP address, Device ID, Workgroup, Port, etc.

Once you know the IP address for the All-In-One, open the /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf file for editing:

sudo gedit /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf

(check that it already contains a load of commented out (# at beginning of line) lines… if it’s empty, let me know).

Add a line at the bottom that reads:

net <[b]your[/b] Printer's IP address>

example -

SAVE the file, and try iscan now (may require a reboot).

It would be a good idea to give your Epson All-In-One a static IP, because if it ever gets assigned a different IP by the DHCP server, the scanner will stop working unless you edit epkowa.conf with its new address.

I’m putting this link here for future reference, but it may be worth a glance:
EPSON SX425 All-in-One Wi-Fi set up

Thanks, Mark

I had researched as far as those downloads, but would never have know which I needed or in which order etc. So that’s great.

Now, when you say “The printer should now be working, but the scanner won’t be, so …” is that wireless, because I can’t see a way to make the laptop know the printer is there?

The printer doesn’t come with the cable (which seems a bit cheap (but then it was… a bit cheap)).


Download and install this driver:

Double click it to install it, when the Ubuntu Software Centre opens, click “Install”

When that has installed … click your name on the top panel and select “System Settings”, then select “Printers”.

When the Printers window opens, click “Unlock” and enter your password when prompted.

Now click the “+” symbol at the bottom.

In the resulting Add New Printer window, select “Network”

You will see “Getting Devices” displayed for a while at the bottom … is your printer discovered ?

That’s all good thanks.

I had to do it slightly differently but it’s now added and working.

I’ll have a look at getting the scanner sorted later, but as I’ve never needed to scan… it can wait.

Once again, thank you for you help. 8)

Have a good weekend.

Glad you got it working, but can I ask how (even if it’s just a link) ? … so it may help others in the future :slight_smile:

Hi Mark

The differences where basically small system details. I was going to say what I did for future reference, but couldn’t remember the exact details at the time.

After installing the driver it went something like this:

“System Settings”, then select “Printers”.

Click the “+” symbol.

In the resulting Add New Printer window, select “Network Printer”

There was no ‘Getting Devices’, so I just clicked ‘Forward’ – this opened a separate new box ‘Searching for printers’ –while the original box opens to a ‘Choose Driver database’; from here I could (I guess) have found our printer in the list and added it that way. But:

After the new ‘Searching for printers’ box automatically closed (presumably because it ‘found’ the printer) the printer showed up in the original box under ‘Network Printer’ – only briefly, before the box goes ‘forward’ to the ‘Choose Driver database’ window.

Before the window changed I clicked on the Printer. Then ‘Forward’ and then ‘Apply’.

It’s not significantly different, but there it is.

Thanks for that … I was using the Gnome3 desktop, so the small differences are probably down to you using the Unity desktop.