Equal Ops for Open women...

On the flip side of my little rant about Gnome I did find this article which I liked.

I don’t think women should be allowed in, they distract me from my coding!

…is what I would of said if I was a terrible terrible person (and hadn’t had been to all those Equality and Diversity briefs).

I think it’s great that women are being welcomed into the Open Source community. Women have made as much of an impact on technology as men. Without a certain someone we may not even of had any t’internets!! :open_mouth:

I say more women! Just don’t distract me…

As long as she doesn’t come walking in wearing short skirts, and short tops and showing of clevage in order to distract me, I’m all for women joining in on the fun! ;D

Are there geek girls like that? I thought that was just in Hollywood!

[EDIT] - That’s not to say there isn’t any. Apologies to any supermodel looking female geeks out there! I will gladly make it up to you, just PM me your phone number and I’ll be in touch :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea, if there is, I want to know about it! There is one rather hot-ish geek that’s REALLY into Linux. Her name is Nixie, and she’s event part of the Revision 3 broadcasting company!

What I would do to her… ;D

Yeah Nixie is gorgeous! And what a cool name.

Shannon from Hak5 is also a great looking geek.

Ahh … I see after the original posting, you DID get rather distracted :slight_smile:

Nixie Pixel for Queen/President/dribbling over … Oops, me too.

See women just distract us with their womanly ways! Ahh! Off home now to watch some Nixie Pixel and Hak5… damn beautys!

We should promote them… Queens of Linux? :smiley:

I don’t think Linus’ wife would be happy though. ;D

Nor mine.

Good thing I have no strings.

“In a world with Linux and freedom, who needs…” oh wait…