"Error 2" message on boot-up of Linux O/S

Hi there,

When I power on my Acer Aspire One (runs the Linpus Lite operating system which I believe is based on Fedora 7) I receive the following error message:

“Error 2”.

The boot-up process goes no further and the operating system never loads up.

Does anybody have any idea as to how this can be resolved without having to resort to using the recovery disk to wipe over the previous installation?

If this involves using boot-up recovery tools that run from a USB stick on system start-up, would somebody be able to let me know where they can be downloaded from?

If anybody can shed any light on the above, I’d be very grateful!

– bladerunner832

Hi bladerunner832, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That looks like a GRUB bootloader error message … if you look here:

Error 2 = “Selected disk doesn’t exist”

As this is (most likely) a GRUB stage 2 error, I’d suspect a corrupt file system or failing SSD … you could try creating a LiveUSB stick of another Linux distribution, and running fsck on the SSD.

The first thing I’d try would be to create a LiveUSB, boot from that, and see if the SSD is accessible.

There are instructions for creating a PeppermintOS (Two) LiveUSB in the first part of this topic:

Once you’ve created the LiveUSB, boot to it, and select “Try Peppermint” NOT “Install Peppermint” … when Peppermint boots, open the file manager, and see if you can access the SSD.

If not, or you’re not sure … whilst in Peppermint, hit Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal, and enter:

sudo fdisk -l

hit enter, and post back here what was returned in the terminal.

Just wanted to say you’re not alone, thankfully cuz i thought I was. LiveUSB worked for me, thanks.

Maybe never mind this- listen to Marc- you must be getting into grub to get that response, but maybe this is useful.

Or just my intermittent SSD cable connection problem. Try rapping it (while off) a few times on different sides + each time see if boots. I just disconnected and reconnected the flimsy ZIF cable on both sides
and haven’t had that problem since (though I got NO BOOTABLE DEVICE on startup). See my posts for story, though disassembly is a horror show- watch all YouTube videos many times.Cable looked shiny, new, and perfect though- AOA is an exotic beast.