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Sorry I am not reading all of the forums to find answers to my questions, but I am hoping to get things moving along swiftly. I hope you’ll all understand and be willing to help me regardless.

I have an HP Pavilion G6 T2000 laptop with i5, 2.5ghz, 4gb ram, 64 bit. Can I uninstall Win10 and install Linux software, and if so, what flavor would be best for this machine? Also, there is also a lot of proprietary HP software that in some respects, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if that went also, mainly because I am sick of HP spying on me too. I like the Coolsense software, though. That seems pretty helpful.

I was on a Linux forum before and was constantly confronted by smarmy, know-it-all punks who liked to make fun of people because they thought they knew everything and it mad them feel like real men. I’m hoping to not encounter any of that here. I am just looking for some help from real, patient people.

At this point, I am not really interested in doing all the CMD stuff that I know is a big part of Linux. I understand some of it, but it is an animal I am not quite ready to tackle yet. I do want to learn it later. Right now, I am interested in just getting rid of MS once and for all, and HP for that matter, if I can, and switching to an OS that I have always believed is open source, friendly to use, and gives me the same kind of accessibility that I may have enjoyed with MS, but without all the spying and headaches.

Can anyone help me, please?

Thank you.

Personally I’d suggest one of


Take your pick really.

I’m suggesting these simply because they’re all Ubuntu based which means you’ll find TONS of help/tutorials/documentation available (for Ubuntu) that applies to them all.

It would be impossible to say with 100% certainty that they’ll work with your hardware, but that’s the great thing about LiveUSB’s, you get to test them out before making any changes to your hard drive.

If you require any help creating a LiveUSB just ask.

Oh, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I moved to Linux when XP finished and never looked back I use both mint and peppermint on different computers.

As has been said make a live usb for each and try them out.

Good hunting…

If it was me I would not just cut of MS out that lightly. There are literally hundreds of LINUX ‘flavor’s’ coming out now and the truth is no one knows which ones will be continued and successful and which ones will be abandoned for what ever reasons. If you are going to do what you say U would honestly start with UNBUTU! It is said that it may be dis continued but people say a lot of things? The thing is UNBUTU is in many ways basically the same as all the LINUX ‘flavor’s’ i.e ‘CMD’ command lines are very similar if not the same, they lay out of the GUI is some what the same i.e apps and programs are the same so UNBUTU is a good place to start and could well be the OS you end up sticking with!

    Also as far as MS goes Windows is intergrating much of LINUX in to its main frame. I.e you mentioned verifying downloads ect because you feel people are spying on you. Well MS Terminal/CMD/Powershell is now using many of the exact same command lines as the Linux and it is the LINUX distribution's that are beginning to 'mix up there terminal command lines! For example openPGP software gpg releases now use the exact same command lines they do for Windows as they do for Linux! So verifying downloads to make sure they have come directly from the developers is the same commands using CMD/Powershell on MS as it is using any LINUX 'flavor' terminal. And verifying downloads is a big part of the base of your security. Also the command lines for creating key pairs and exporting importing ect ect are all the same! 

     Me personally I Dual boot with UBUNTU, KALI and WINDOWS 10 that sounds like it is stupid and complicated as which one doe you decide to use. the truth is these  distribution's  seem to be 'merging' together and becoming more and more compatible! I would also recommend using MS VM to at least test the LINUX 'flavor's' you plan to adopt and see for your self what they are like. I personally use the GUI Virtual machine for many reasons testing old windows  distribution's testing new LINUX  distribution's and various other reasons/uses. I would research  carefully where these 'releases' are coming from and where they are going. I.e I sometimes use TAILS LIVE OS it is worth noting that about 6 releases back the TAILS OS adopted DESBIAN based system to build 'on top of' as is the same for many LINUX 'flavor's' or releases. Like I mentioned earlier do not discard MS so easily. Hard core LINUX users will laugh but they do not know what is happening right at the top  echelons of the software world. There are many LINUX developers who have the MS mind set now and many MS developers who have the LINUX mind set to!?! If you go to the Microsoft community you will see that they have taken LINUX seriously and are trying to embrace it. In fact the Wins 10 Power shell is meant for development with just about any software creators and developers. And that is how MS got so 'powerful' they approach developers and if they know what they are talking about and are creating something 'good' that is going somewhere they just buy them out or in which ever way one wants to put it i.e they will buy the developers company for a lot of money give the developers stock options and take them on as employees / self employed where the more successful the project is the more money they make it is a great plan even the great main LINUX inventor himself is in this 'business model now. So before you do just discard MS so easily and 'buy in' to all these LINUX idealists think what they will be thinking in there life time. There opinions will change and you will be the one left with an OS that is useless and or abandoned! I do love LINUX but I have learned to be practical the LINUX dream is over now things are moving very  fast everyone is on it so hedge your bets if you will (if you understand that saying)

                                                      Best Regards