external cd/dvd drive

I’ve recently changed from windows xp to linux, and I’m using an Acer Revo running mint helena. Ive just bought an external cd/dvd drive which works via a usb connector.
It works fine when I play music cds or any dvds, and is also fine when I put a blank disk in to save my photos onto it, but when I then put a disk in onto which I’ve recorded my photos it doesn’t recognise that there’s anything plugged in. It works fine with my Acer Aspire One running Linux Linpus. I know absolutely nothing about computers, I just use it for photo-editing and storing my photos, and surfing the internet. Does any one have any indeas as to what could be causing this problem? I’d be grateful for any advice.

At a guess maybe the Photo CD is a DOS (Windows) format CD, and possibly you don’t have the DOS file-system module loaded. That said I would’ve expected Mint to include DOS by default, but it may’ve gotten lost. To start, can you try;

$ cat /proc/filesystems |grep vfat

And just check it comes back with;


Also, can you confirm the CD was written using Windows?

I’ve tried both cds written on windows and some Ive done on the Revo. It recognises the blank disks when I put them in and lets me put the photos on, but them wont recognise them if I put them back in later.

Sorry, I know I’m a complete ignoramous when it comes to computers, you told me to try the code you gave me, but where and how do I try it?

Does it automount ANY type of media when it’s inserted?.. music cd, blank cd’s etc?, or is it only ignoring media you have burned?

go to Menu>Terminal (in Mint)… In Ubuntu Applications>Accessories>Terminal

when the terminal opens, type it in there then hit enter
BTW ignore the $ at the beginning of that command, that just tells you to do it from a regular user prompt… root prompt=#… so as long as the prompt is something like user@pcname ~ $ you type:

cat /proc/filesystems |grep vfat

and hit enter.

Mint does load dosfstools by default

I’m wondering if “Do Nothing” is set for PictureCD’s in nautilus.

But I still would have expected it to mount the drive… is there any folders in /media and do any of those contain your pics

If you open “Computer” on the desktop, is the CD drive visible with and without a disk in it?

I’ve just been looking in my nautilus preferences, and by default (under the Media tab) there is no application set for Photos… yet the “Action” for inserted PhotoCD’s is set to “Ask what to do”… maybe this needs to be set to “Open Folder”

But I would still expect the drive to be automounted, and display a CD icon on the desktop

Can you tell us exactly “how” you are burning these CD’s… what program?, as a PhotoCD or as a Data CD?

I cannot reproduce this… I’ve used Brasero to burn images to a data CD, and it even checks the MD5 checksums before and after burning… does it do this on yours?.. when I insert the disk, it just automounts and opens a nautilus browse window.

Hmm… when I manually mount the CD drive with

sudo mkdir /mnt/temp
sudo mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/temp

The drive icon completely disappears from nautilus, and no CD icon appears on the desktop… but the CD’s contents are visible in /mnt/temp (i’m guessing this is because it’s not being mounted as a CDROM, but rather as a directory)

Kinda fits with the idea that it IS being automounted but for some reason “as a directory” so a CD icon isn’t being displayed in nautilus or on the desktop.

Like I said before… check the /media directory, and see if it contains any directories that contain your pics.

BTW, if you try the above commands, you won’t be able to eject the CD without unmounting it…

sudo umount /mnt/temp

It would perhaps help to get the chipset of the USB-device via the output of:

lsusb -v