How do you permanently get rid of facebook ?

How do you permanently get rid of facebook ?

By permanently not using it ? :smiley:

By petitioning the goverment maybe ?

Shoot Zuckerburg, and hope for the best ?

Possibly by giving everyone a “real” life … and “real” friends ?

Sabotaging the trans-atlantic cables ?

I’m guessing by now you wish you’d phrased that differently :wink:

Cr*p though it is, Facebook is just a website like any other … what do you mean by “get rid of” ?

I guess the easiest method would be to sign onto facebook … change email setting to a non existent account, then change your password to a massively random one you’ll easily forget … job done :o

Facebook isn’t an entirely bad thing, there’s a good side to Facebook which if used as intended could be rewarding, but far too often it’s used as a public platform for people to hurt, slander and damage other people it’s even been used to organise riots and other criminal activity, and there appears to be no control by the authors.

I don’t have a Facebook account (and I never will) but I’ve had it used against me in a covert sort of way more than once , with no means to defend myself.

I personally have no wish to reveal to the world every trivial little detail of my life or any desire to hear about others or view their drunken Saturday night photos (seen one you’ve seen them all)

Unfortunately Facebook relies on it’s users to act responsibly and respectfully towards other users and non users which sadly is no more common in the real world as it is in the virtual.


Will permanently not using facebook make it automatically delete ?

Hi Bill

Will permanently not using facebook make it automatically delete ?

Delete from where ?

Facebook is not an application that you can install or uninstall at will it’s a social networking website (or anti-social networking website depending on how you look at it) no one can delete it except the author and he’s hardly likely to do that in the foreseeable future as it’s making him millions, but nonetheless you don’t have to use it.

You can delete any traces of it from your browsing history if that’s what you mean.

Can you explain exactly what problem you’re having with Facebook ?


Do you mean “how do I delete my account on Facebook” ?

If so, see the Facebook help files.

yes. I keep getting stuff in my emails that comes from facebook.

Delete the account, and if you still keep getting emails … use a filter in your email client to bin emails from facebook.

Thunderbird gives you an easy way to filter email. Other email clients are available, but for me T-Bird ticks all the boxes.

Unlike most of you faves on face book,unsubscribe from all of the advertisers,when you hav done that then close your account and clear your browsing history,perform a search on your pc and delete anything to do with face book ,
If you don’t unsubscribe from the advertisers you will still get emails