Failing to boot

I’ve set Desktop Sharing, iptux, firefox and thunderbird to boot on startup but now I’m getting this;
I can’t even use the keyboard.
There wasn’t an ‘autostart’ folder so I created one, would that have caused a problem?

Hmm … this is a BIOS message, and nothing to do with Linux … indeed this message is being generated BEFORE even the bootloader is accessed.

You either have a dead keyboard, or a failed keyboard controller on the motherboard.

Things to try …

Make sure the keyboard cable hasn’t come loose/unplugged

another keyboard

a PS/2 keyboard instead of USB, or vice versa

Shutting the PC down … removing the power cable … hitting the power switch to discharge the motherboard capacitors … plugging power back in … trying to boot.

A quick Google suggest that when most peoples Compaq systems display this message, their motherboard tends to fail shortly afterwards.

Good luck … but as I said, this is a HARDWARE failure, and NOT Linux related (or any other OS/softeware) :frowning:

Tried a different kbd and that didn’t work, nor did removing the power and pressing the on/off button.

Unless it will boot with a different TYPE of keyboard (USB or PS/2) I’m afraid your system just died.

I suppose you could try a BIOS reset (jumper on motherboard), but I seriously doubt if that will work.

yep, I was using a PS/2 keyboard an changed to a USB one and still nothing.

I suppose you could try a BIOS reset (jumper on motherboard), but I seriously doubt if that will work.

Not sure where that is at the mo’ as I cant get into it, it’s not screwed shut, some sort of clip levers?

As I said … It’s HIGHLY unlikely to work anyway, so start preparing yourself for the fact your motherboard is kaphuzzled.

You’re not going to believe this — it booted up OK (shhh… don’t say anything lol)
Maybe it was the threat of going to try a re-install of the OS :o

OS was nowt to do with it … as I said, it was a message directly from the system BIOS which occurs before ANY software gets loaded.

Threatening it with the BIN may have done it though.

LOL… Already looking on eBuyer for a new PC (bespoke) around £215 price tag at the mo.

I got one of these a couple of months ago for a customer … and Ubuntu 11.10 64bit (and Win7 as a dual-boot ::slight_smile: ) installed without any problems:

Zoostorm Desktop PC

- Intel Pentium DC G640 2.8GHz
- 6GB RAM + 500GB HDD
- DVD Writer
- Intel HD
- [b]No Operating System[/b]

£199 including VAT and (economy) delivery.

it’s slightly on the noisy side, but I’ve heard louder PC’s

I’m sure I read somewhere that it was due to them using a 2 wire fan on the CPU (which meant the fan was on permanently), and that fitting a 3 wire fan allowed the fan to be temperature controlled by the BIOS/ACPI … though I didn’t test this.

One I quickly knocked up on the site;
(QF: 108273) Casecom Black ATX Mid Tower Case
(QF: 281919) Asus M5A78L-M LE Socket AM3+ 760G Onboard VGA DVI 8 Channel Audio mATX Motherboard
(QF: 353773) AMD Athlon II X2 250 3GHz Socket AM3 2MB L2 Cache OEM Processor
(QF: 229102) Kingston 4GB DDR3 1066MHz Memory Non-ECC CL7 1.5V X2
(QF: 129233) Samsung SH-D163C 16x DVD-ROM SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black
(QF: 241716) WD 320GB 3.5" SATA-III 6Gb/s Caviar Blue Hard Drive - 7200RPM 16MB Cache
(QF: 390639) Alpine 700W Blue PSU - 12cm Fan 4x SATA
(QF: 176157) Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev 2 Socket 775, 1156, 1155, 1366, AM2, AM3 Heatpipe CPU Cooler

£232.02 in total, I am checking through the board spec to make sure I am getting the correct RAM and CPU and want a decent fan

This is what I want to change on my board to improve performance

(QF: 186428) AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4GHz Socket AM3 6MB L3 Cache Cache 125W Retail Boxed Processor £87.05
They don’t do the RAM I need for my board, 4 x 240-pin DIMM, Max. 8 GB, DDR2 1066/800/667/533 ECC,Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory so I am having to look elsewhere for that.

Looks like a new monitor too as the one I had connected up to it is now dead (was working a short time ago), changed the fuse too. And another spare in the attich, when I brought that down to test it, I found that the LCD screen was cracked >:(

Well, looks like it has now died, it powers up, flashes the keyboard 3-4 times and does nothing, it’s really strange, the monitor wont even power up?

Test the monitor on another PC.


It’s more likely the Monitor is fine, but the motherboard has completely failed now.