FastStone in wine[SOLVED]

Hi again
since I started using Linux about 5 years ago, I’ve never been interested in wine because I’ve always found software ran ok in linux or the linux alternative was just as good or in some cases better.
I was put on to FastStone image viewer (which is free software) and which is miles better than others of the same ilk (picasa etc) and in some ways is easier to use than Gimp but without the layers.
How do I get it to run in wine, bearing in mind I have never used wine.
any help welcomed :slight_smile:


forgot to say, running Linux Mint 17 Mate 32 bit

We can give it a shot if you like … but according to the WINE AppDB it doesn’t work very well in WINE:-

Latest version (?):

marked as Bronze … so it will install, but a lot of functions may not work as expected.

All versions:

4.8 is marked as “Silver” … so a few glitches can be expected.

See here for what the Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Garbage maintainer ratings mean:

Let us know if you still want to have a go

Hi mark.
thanks for getting back so quick,
I never thought I would use wine, but I’m so taken with this program, I will give it a try,

the silver one looks ok, and I would be grateful if you could walk me through it,

If it does’t work, nothing lost

many thanks


Okey dokey … let’s install wine1.7 (latest) which requires you to add a PPA … open a terminal and run:

sudo apt-get remove --purge wine

that command may fail (if you haven’t already got WINE installed … but just carry on below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install wine1.7 winetricks

did that all go well ?

carried out your instructions, went ok.
wine is showing in the application list,
but if I click on it nothing happens.
is that correct?

If you just try and run the FastStone setup.exe (or whatever the .exe file is called), it should run as normal (hopefully!)

Wine on it’s own doesn’t do anything, you still need to run the Windows executable

Right - I’m a little confused ;D (not hard I know)

Don’t I have to download FastStone, or does wine pick it up from somewhere.

Embarrassed to say I not sure how to run the .exe

Any help, greatly appreciated


Yeah, just download faststone, and double-click the fastsone.exe to install it … the same as you would in Windows.

Hi Mark. chemical fan.
Just letting you know, I’ve managed to do it :smiley:
Its easy when you know how(or have good people who give you there time and help)

AND it’s working perfect so far :smiley:

So another big THANKS (and I guess, thats another bottle I owe you)


You need to stop saying that … or I may just take you up on it :wink:

Happy to hear it’s working :slight_smile:

just loaded faststone under wine in fedora 31, cfg wine with windows 10 and it is running flawlessly… (so far)