Favourites tab for Firefox

Hello, new to Linux (Ubunta 11) and Firefox and was just wondering if there’s a favourites tab/menu on firefox like the one I’m used to on WIndows IE?

I know there’s the bookmarks bit on the drop down menus but that’s not nearly as easily accessible as a simple tab or icon on the top bar.

Thanks for any help.


I can’t even remember what IE does with bookmarks (the only PC in the house that uses Windows is the Mrs laptop, and that has Firefox)…

In Firefox, right-click, somewhere just to the right of the tabs, and select “Customise…” (or go to View>Toolbars>Customise…), now drag the “Bookmarks” icon onto the toolbar wherever you want it.

or just hit Ctrl+B

is that what you mean ?

Might also be worth seeing if there are any add-ons to do what you want… there are thousands of add-ons for Firefox:

and search the add-ons for “bookmarks”:

And for thousands of “Persona’s” (themes):


Well I try’d a flash new 3d top-sites add-on for firefox, which was a load of arse! Looks pretty, but unless you recognise the view of the web-page, you won’t know what it is. Much easier to look down a list. Just need to find how to remove it and try another.

To remove an installed add-on, in Firefox go to Tools>Addons then look for it in extensions or plug-ins, etc. and select remove.