find backslash on keyboard??

Can someone please help me find the back slash on my keyboard or tell me how i can configure this myself feel so stupid as if programming is not hard enough.

On my keyboard the backslash is at the lower left corner beside the letter Z


Same on mine between the Z and the shift key.
Hope this helps.


Mine has always been above the enter key.

if you hit shift and the slash above the enter key, you’ll get:

The key location on the keyboard can vary (specially on small laptops) … but on the en_GB keyboard layout it’s pretty much always


Dunno if that’s different on say en_US layouts

Thanks everyone i managed to find it lol, obviously being Scottish it’s above shift and lft of enter were hash tag supposed to be.

Looks like you have a US (American English) keyboard/layout.

Do the key markings match the key as typed … or are you accidentally using the en_US layout on an en_GB keyboard ?