Finding downloads from synaptic

Hello all

Quick question: Is there a simple way to locate packages downloaded from the synaptic package manager?

I downloaded GoogleEarth and managed to run it from a terminal and then later worked out how to create a launcher… all good.

But I’ve just downloaded a program (via synaptic) called Cipher but can’t find a way to run it. I can find it in usr bin, but that’s as far as I can get. Is this a problem with the Cipher program or am I doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about Ubuntu/Mint/Debian ? … if so…

If you mean cifer, it’s a CLI app, so just open a terminal and type:


To read the man page (manual), enter:

man cifer

There shouldn’t normally be any need to enter the full path to the app, just its name.

But in answer to your original question dpkg -L will display what an installed package put where.

dpkg -L cifer

will output:

mark@Mark:~$ dpkg -L cifer /. /usr /usr/share /usr/share/man /usr/share/man/man1 /usr/share/man/man1/cifer.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/cifer-dict.1.gz /usr/share/doc /usr/share/doc/cifer /usr/share/doc/cifer/changelog.gz /usr/share/doc/cifer/copyright /usr/share/doc/cifer/changelog.Debian.gz /usr/bin /usr/bin/cifer /usr/bin/cifer-dict

OR - once installed, you can right-click the package in Synaptic and select Properties>Installed Files (tab).


Ah… yes, that’ll do it. I must have scanned the name and not noticed it was spelt ‘wrong’. I’m a words man, see :wink:

After all that it doesn’t do what I need anyway, but many many thanks anyway.


What are you trying to achieve ?

Sorry Mark, I only just saw your reply.

Nothing too thrilling… I’ll send you a PM.

[ol]- Open synaptic package manager,

  • search for Cifer,
  • right click,
  • select properties,
  • click on the “installed files” tab. [/ol]

This will show you all the files installed from the binary package. Not familiar with this app, but am sure the exec file will be found in /usr/bin or /bin (maybe /sbin but not likely)