Firefox 12 final available today on the Mozilla FTP site

Firefox 12 (final) is out, but ONLY on the Mozilla FTP site … It’s not due for “official” release on their website until tomorrow (24/4/2012).

I’ve now upgraded to Firefox 12 final, and can tell you it DOESN’T have the smooth scrolling contained in the (Aurora 13.0a2) Firefox 13 alpha2 or “pre-beta” as Mozilla like to call it. :frowning: … what the heck is a “pre-beta” if not an alpha for goodness sake ::slight_smile:

Highlights of Mozilla Firefox 12.0:

  • Ability to paste URLs in the download manager window
  • Added line numbers for the Page Source viewer
  • The title attribute supports line breaks
  • Find in Page improvemens to center search results
  • Added column-fill CSS property
  • Added support for the text-align-last CSS property
  • Added experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects

If you want to check it out … you can find it on the Mozilla FTP site, here:

both linux-i686 and linux-x86_amd64 versions available … not to mention Mac and Windows versions … and of course, the source code.

Now all they need to do, is add smooth scrolling from Aurora, and then chuck the Google search bar, and implement the search bar into the URL bar, so that you can search for something using the URL bar. Also makes for a tidier interface, and not to mention prettier as well.

You can already search from the URL (address) bar … or am I misunderstanding what you mean ?

Hmm… That is interesting. I have just updated Firefox to V12.0 from the repos. on Salix. Have not checked on the other distros.

@Mark - When the hell did they add that? :o

Why don’t they get rid of the Google search bar… would be so much prettier IMO.

That was bloody quick of them then :slight_smile:

I think you’ve been able to search from the address bar for quite some time now.

does seem a bit weird to have both … but you DO have the option to remove the separate search box.

Click somewhere above or to the right of the tabs … select “Customise…” … drag the search box from the toolbar into the window that just opened :wink:

I’m guessing they left it enabled by default, so as not to confuse people who didn’t realise you can now search from the address bar :o

Yeah, I thought so too. But just checked Chakra and there is the 12.0 update waiting.
They also have firefox-nightly 14.0a1in the bundles 8)

Pity Shuttleworths crew can’t be as “on the ball” … or maybe they just waste to much time adding their own labelling … though oddly enough when I manually installed FF12, the “Ubuntu Firefox Modification 0.9.4” extension was enabled, so it must be compatible … so must be just laziness :wink: