Fitbit One and Linux

Hi guys

My daughter has a fitbit which is a exercise/pedometer device that links to a PC/Smartphone however (not surprisingly) the client to connect this device is only available in Windows & Mac however i saw a project here thats suggests it possible to use this with Linux although it looks a bit involved.

The netbook is a Dell Ispiron Mini running Peppermint 4 and the device is a fitbit one, any help or advice would be much appreciated


You’ve previously mentioned it’s a FitBit One … so can you please eedit the title of this topic to reflect that :wink:

I’m currently trying to figure out the best way to do this … it seems the “easiest” is to install python-pip then use pip to install it … but then it needs to be run as root.

I’m trying to figure out whether it would be better to install it so it can be run as a regular user.

Gimme 15 mins.

Are you going to want the sync to run as a cron job (say every 15 mins) … or only do a sync when your daughter manually runs a sync ?


How does the FitBit connect to the PC ?

Probably just a manual sync

And have you managed to get the FitBit One to pair by bluetooth yet ?

So far I haven’t done anything

If you were using it in Windows … how does it normally connect to the PC to sync ?

USB cable ?
Bluetooth ?
it’s own dongle ?

She uses it with her iPhone it just syncs automaticaly i assume through bluetooth

there is also a usb cable that connects to it but she only uses that for charging

The thing is, this site:
mentions “unplugging then replugging the dongle”.

and this site:
mentions running it as a cron job every 15 mins

The two things that are bothering me…

a) if it uses a cable to do the sync, why would they add it as a cronjob to run every 15 mins (kinda pointless unless it’s plugged in ?


b) if on the other hand it connects via bluetooth but with a third party bluetooth adapter … why would it need a udev rule (to recognise a USB connection) ?

are you SURE it didn’t come with a USB dongle ?

are you SURE it didn't come with a USB dongle ?

Well I asked her to give me everything she had and all she give me was the device and the usb cable but she’s out at the moment but i’ll ask her again when she gets back.

In the meantime I have a bluetooth dongle here which I’ve plugged into her netbook but I can’t get it to pair with the device

See here:
apparently it should have come with a wireless dongle.

Yeah I see what you mean, I asked her to give me everything

So that means we can’t continue with this until next weekend probably

Sorry to waste your time Mark


Apparently it can sync with the Android/iOS apps, but only via devices with a bluetooth version 4 chip … and probably only with their software.

To work with a PC (windows or linux) you’re gonna need to use their dongle :frowning:

Just a thought, but whilst you have it have you considered duct taping it to the wheel of your car and going for a drive ?

She’ll get the shock of her life the next time she syncs ;D

Yeah well maybe we could have another go next weekend

She probably wont bother about it anyway, she’ll likely say it’s ok it syncs no problem with my iPhone and that’s what’s really gonna piss me off >:(

Anyway thanks for your effort


Just a thought, but whilst you have it have you considered duct taping it to the wheel of your car and going for a drive ?

I’d rather duck tape that fu@@@ng iPhone of hers >:(

NO … I said to the wheel, not the tyre :slight_smile:

NO .. I said to the wheel, not the tyre :)

I gotta learn to read things properly Ha Ha :slight_smile:

OK I have the bluetooth dongle now so we can procede if you want :slight_smile:

Many thanks


OK, first install python-pip:

sudo apt-get install python-pip

now create a folder on your desktop called galileo:

mkdir ~/Desktop/galileo

change directory to it:

cd ~/Desktop/galileo

download the galileo archive into it:

wget referer=

unpack the archive:


change directory

cd ~/Desktop/galileo/benallard-galileo-789cd741b5a0


sudo pip install galileo

any problems so far ?

If that all went without hitch … REBOOT

Now plug the Fitbit into a USB slot … then open a terminal and run:


it should connect and sync.

did it ?

If it does, we can make a menu item for syncing if you’d like ?