Flash not working

I don’t know if it’s a Flash problem… not sure how these things work.

I’ve just noticed videos – youtube etc – are not working. I ran an update recently, but don’t know how long it’s been broken or if that was the cause.

Ubuntu 11.10 32bit and Firefox

Ant ideas?

In Firefox, go to Tools>Addons>Plugins … is there a Shockwave Flash in the list, and if so what version is it ?

What happens when you attempt to play a youtube video ?

11.1 r102 Apparently updated yesterday.

I get a picture of a clapper-board on Youtube… which is a change at least from piano playing cats. :smiley:

Note to future readers - The flashplayer that will be downloaded by the wget command in this posting is the 32bit version of and will be downloaded from my dropbox … so unless you are SURE this is the version you require, don’t follow this posting.


Was 11.1 r102 enabled in Firefox ? … if so, what happens if you go back to flashplayer ?

Open a terminal… you can do this by hitting Alt+F2, then typing terminal, then clicking “Run

When the terminal opens, enter these 5 commands (hitting enter after each one)

Create a ~/.mozilla/plugins directory

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins

(this command may fail if the directory already exists… this is normal… just move on to the next command)

Change directory to ~/.mozilla/plugins :

cd ~/.mozilla/plugins

Use wget to download the flashplayer archive:

wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11876059/flashplayer11-32bit.tar.gz

Extract the libflashplayer.so file from the flashplayer achive:

tar -zxvf flashplayer11-32bit.tar.gz

Move the flashplayer archive back to your home folder to make it easier to delete if you wish:

mv -v flashplayer11-32bit.tar.gz ~/flashplayer11-32bit.tar.gz

You can now close the terminal.

Close ALL running instances of Firefox and restart it, then (in Firefox) go to Tools>Add-Ons>Plugins and make sure the onlyShockwave Flash” plugin that is enabled is 11.0r1 and that 11.1 r102 is disabled… now restart Firefox again (this is important).

Now go to this website:
where you can check which version of flashplayer you are currently using.

It should say you are running

Does Flash now work ?

Once you’re happy it’s running the way it sould, you can delete the flashplayer11-32bit.tar.gz file from your home directory, if you wish.

All working again. Many thanks once again, Mark.

Just a hint which worls very well on Ubuntu icm. FF:
Flashaid => an add-on for FF which removes conflicting Flashplayers and installs the correct Flashplayer either from the repositories, either from Adobe.