Flash not working!

My Flash player suddenly has stopped working! Where do I get it from? Package manager? Add ons or software manager? I don’t know why it suddenly says on you tube to upgrade it- was working before.

Try this -


sudo apt-get remove -purge flashplugin-installer


sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer

then close ALL web browsers … and reopen one.

Does flash work now ?

If not, which web browser are you using ?

and which distro/version/architecture ? ← you really NEED to include this info in ANY new topic :wink:

Yes it’s working now thanks Mark- the video pic seems clearer than before also!
Peppermint 3 - I posted it earlier. I always use Mozilla Firefox.

Happy to hear it’s working, bit if you look back through THIS topic … there’s no mention of Peppermint 3

I can see from your sig you have 2 PC’s but how is anyone to know which one ?

or if you’ve changed distro, but not your signature

or that you’re actually talking about one of those PC’s

Your FIRST posting in ALL neew topics should ALWAYS mention distro/version/architecture

Distro - will be something like Ubuntu or Mint, or Peppermint, or Fedora, etc.

Version - will be 12.04, or 15, or 4, etc.

Architecture - will (generally) be either 32bit or 64bit

So you should ALWAYS say something like Peppermint 3 32bit, or Ubuntu 13.10 64bit, etc. … as any instructions may differ. :slight_smile:

I’m not “having a go” … just trying to help you to help us to help you … as it were :wink: