Flash on Android

I have just got Mrs Pooky a new Galaxy Tab 2 and as she like to play Farm Town (facebook) on it she was disapointed to find that it would not let her as it needs a Flash player installed.
I remember Mark telling me that Adobe Flash is a huge security risk on an Ubuntu PC (probably on ALL PC platforms), so I was wondering if there’s a free version I could use instead?

Hi Pooky
There are some risks with flash but I have not had any with my Andriod devices. You need to download the apk from xda developers who are a trusted source.


You need to go into your device settings and allow ‘install from other sources’
Dont allow the official Google program to install as they often block programs, just use the standard installer.

Tap the apk download and you should have flash installed.

I’ve installed it but having problems.
Chrome still wont let farm town work.
Firefox, boy, what a hassle to get it working, as Mrs pooky is going blind, ‘Talkback’ is enabled, which makes things VERY difficult to do.
I had to turn it off to use Firefox. Even then, had trouble entering the web address and the username and password. Eventually got it done and it works in FF.
The bundled browser does not show games and only shows a ‘cut-down’ version of fb.

I am having one small problem though, when moving the screen around, farm town disappears!

It’s also shutting down Firefox, din’t know if this is flash related or what?

I will have a look into it over the weekend Pooky. The thing is I dont use facebook I would rather drill holes through my toes. :wink:

Pooky, try Boat Browser it is the best browser on Andriod by a mile. Both Chrome and Firefox have issues. Why are you using a browser to get on facebook? There is an app’. I am assuming that the app does not have ‘Farm’ on it.

My wife uses facebook on her Andriod device I will have a look at it over the weekend.

Hehehe … well put, and probably less tortuous that Facebook … at least the holes wouldn’t spam you for months after drilling them ::slight_smile:

I joined Fekbook to get a Spotify account (you had to) … and received “do you know Bob Bitchin” postings nearly every day for months afterwards … still get them occasionally even though I don’t use Fekbook, but at least the flood has slowed now.

RE: The “Bob Bitchin” reference - If you don’t know who he is, you’ve never listened to Cheech & Chong … the dude makes really neat table candles :wink:

You been to the Pub Mark?! :wink:

Kind of … A kind soul donated a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey (my favourite I may add) :slight_smile:

What made you ask ?? … is it showing already :o

Well, it keeps Mrs pooky occupied as she is agoraphobic and hardly goes out.

I’ll take a look at it. There is already a ‘browser’ installed on the Tab 2 but don’t know what it is called.

I am glad Mrs Pooky has facebook to keep her occupied it just isnt for me.

I have looked at it over the weekend Pooky and cant find an answer for you. The best bet may be going on the xda forum and asking the same question. There is also a ‘Farm’ community help. Just Google it.

Did Boat browser help?

Can you access Farm from Android app?

Good luck

Have you got it working Pooky?

Try reading this. [/url]http://www.gameyum.com/android-gaming/119313-playing-facebook-games-on-android-a-complete-guide/[/url]