Folder permission

Newbie hear!.

can any one please let me know if it is possible to have create folder permission without write permission to a parent directory in linux?


Not 100% sure what you’re asking…

If you’re asking if it’s possible to have a directory WITHOUT write permissions (by a particular users/groups), but have a subdirectory WITH write permissions … yes.

Try it

mkdir ~/test-parent
mkdir ~/test-parent/test-child
chmod 555 ~/test-parent

Now see if you can create a file or folder in ~/test-parent and ~/test-parent/test-child

Or am I misunderstanding the question ?

You can delete these test folders (and contents) when you’re done testing with:

sudo rm -r ~/test-parent

Thanks Mark. Below is what i was trying to see if it is possible.

Parent folder: ~/test-parent

I don’t want anyone to write to the parent folder, but they can create subfolders and write to those subfolders under test-parent. Please let me know if it is possible in anyways.


Well I can’t see how they could CREATE subdirectories if they’re not allowed to write to the parent directory … because creating directories requires write permission.

Thanks Mark. In other words, can only mkdir command is allowed to execute in Parent folder:(~/test-parent) and restrict all other commands just for parent folder?

Sorry I’m having difficulty understanding what you’'re asking.


Below is what I want to check.

Parent folder: ~/test-parent (allow only mkdir command in this folder)
child folder: |_ child-folder-under-parent (allow write and other commands in this folder)

Please let me know if the above setup is possible.


No, you could only use mkdir in the parent folder if you had elevated privileges (sudo mkdir).

There’s no way (that I know of) to allow writing of folders but not files … you either have write permission or you don’t.