Font disaster

Lenovo Thinkpad T500 running Ubuntu 16.04 and LibreOffice

As the summer recedes my thoughts return to a bookbinding project that I started some time ago. Upon opening the text file in LibreOffice I discovered that the font had changed from a copperplate, cursive script (I don’t remember the name) to my default DejaVu Sans.

No problem, I thought: just highlight all the text and select the right font in the drop-down box. But disaster! The font isn’t listed. Worse than that: the fonts that are present appear to be largely of a foreign nature or large blocks of similar fonts.

During my respite from the job, LibreOffice has been updated with the loss of very many useful fonts. A search of the interweb suggested installing “Ubuntu-restricted-extras” which I have done and find MS-core-fonts are now installed in /usr/share/fonts/truetype and appear in LibreOffice. Sadly these don’t include anything like a copperplate font.

Further research hasn’t revealed a suitable source of the required font (the nearest I’ve found is ~£100 for a whole font family) and I would be very grateful for advice on installing the original font set of the previous version of LibreOffice, or pointing me in the direction of a suitable font.

Thank you.

Well, I’m part of the way there. The website provides free downloads of very many Truetype fonts and I’ve found one that will do. The trick for Linux is to download the zip file and expand it to wherever you want.

I put it into /usr/share/fonts/truetype, following the permissions format of all the others there but LibreOffice doesn’t pick it up. I tried also (on advice from the web) putting the ttf file in ~/.fonts - but that doesn’t work either.

Can anyone tell me where I should put it? (politely, please!)

[EDIT] And here’s another good site:

Open a terminal and run:

sudo fc-cache -fv

to update the font cache … now close ALL open instances of LibreOffice … and reopen it.

Does the font show up now ?

Updating the cache has increased the number of fonts that are unusable to me but has not included the required font. Ah, me!
However; the font I installed yesterday has appeared in the list, so thank you for providing the method. It’s necessary to reboot the machine to get new fonts to be shown in the drop-down list.

With regard to the “never-will-use” fonts, I had an idea that I could simply remove them from /usr/share/fonts/… and this works a treat, although one needs to reboot the machine.

(Bye the way, for any reader interested in new fonts, is very good. )


I have found the original font on-line and installed it successfully. Very many thanks for your help, as usual, Mark.


No problem Keith :slight_smile: