Forgotten root password

Can anyone please help. I have a Acer ZG5 notebook, which I think is using Kernel linux, does this make sense? And cannot ever remember putting in a password when first setting up. Now when I want to add or remove a program it is requesting a password, Im totally stuck,please help if you can. Thanks in anticipation!


The default root password for an Acer Aspire One running Linpus Lite is


So open a terminal, and enter


and the password 111111 when asked.

your prompt should change from an $ to a #

If it’s the user password you want to change, now enter:

passwd user

you will be prompted for the new password twice.


You’ll need to get the into advanced mode – you’ll see why once you’ve done it. To do this go to “Files” > “My Documents” to open the File Manager. Then go to “File” > “Terminal” (use the word menu at the top of the File Manager window.

Linpus Linux uses Xfce, so use “xfce-setting-show” to get the Xfce Settings Manager.

Click on “Desktop” to get to the “Desktop Preferences” and select the “Behavior” tab.

Now under “Menus” click the “Show desktop menu on right click” option and close the window.

This setting will allow you to bring up the normal desktop menu when you right click somewhere on the desktop. The Desktop Menu contains many more options than the limited user interface on the Aspire One.

OK. Now you’re in advanced mode, right click somewhere on the desktop to bring up the menu. Go to “system” and then go to “terminal”

Once the terminal has opened type this:

sudo -su

it will prompt you to enter a password. type this:


It will now prompt you to enter your new root password (Just type it – you won’t see anything appear but it’s registering it).

You’ll be happy to hear it asks you to repeat the password to make sure you were paying attention…

Note: That the password can be anything you want but needs to be longer than 6 characters.