Forum Rules

The Forum Rules are mostly about respect for others and not abusing the function of the Forum. So:

  1. Bad language – even of an apparently mild nature – is deprecated. If you want to emphasise a point, the English language is certainly adequate to the task in simple, accurate terms and without the use of mi**ing letters. Invocations of a Deity are deprecated similarly.

  2. Discourtesy towards others – not just Forum members – is deprecated also.

  3. Personal rants about anything will be actively discouraged.

  4. Controversial issues such as race, religion, politics, etc. should be avoided.

  5. Derogatory comments Whilst comparisons between operating systems, hardware etc. can be useful, derogatory comments about specific ones are unnecessary and simply annoy their users. Another form of discourtesy.

  6. Deliberate advertising Any form of advertising is not allowed. This does not mean that one cannot comment about the pros & cons of something in the General Discussion Board, but keep it objective.

  7. Accuracy and completeness in one’s posts is not just helpful, it saves a responder wasting a lot of time misinterpreting the problem/question. Always provide as much information as you can about the system you are having trouble with or want to discuss.
    Always use the “Preview” button to see the final version of your post before publishing it, just to check you’ve expressed yourself appropriately.

  8. Personal Messaging is for just that: private communication between Members. It is not a fast route to personal Linux advice from the staff.

A mild warning might come your way if any of these Rules are transgressed. Serious breaches will result in being banned from the Forum.

These Rules are not fixed and may change from time to time.