Forums, new features, new functionality

So there are so many new features I’m not even going to try to cover them all, but in summary;

  • You can now use images for everything
  • You can register a new account via Google or GitLab authentication, or indeed connect a pre-existing account to a Google and / or GitLab account to provide an alternate means of authentication
  • You can now enable 2FA authentication
  • Email summaries and message notification should be more reliable
  • There are a selection of themes which should all work reliably
  • Box previews are supported when you embed links to other sites;
  • There is a built in chat facility that supports both channels and direct messages
  • There is a separate direct messaging facility
  • The site is now more usable on a mobile device
  • The (markdown) editor is a lot cleaner and produces much nicer output and preview as you type

There will be stuff that’s not set up as it should be, do let us know if you spot it before we do!