Forums Offline

You may (or may not) have noticed the forums were down between 8:30pm and 1am (1st Dec) , this was due to someone from Saudi defacing the forums and website. It appears the hacker was a Muslim with terrorist associations and also the local village idiot. He left behind all sorts of artifacts including his toolkit containing comments such as “Please Don’t Use This Against muslims Sites”, “Arch Linux + KDE = Really operating system” and “don’t worry nothing was deleted jest rename index.html.backup to index.html”.

Whereas it might appear that his only intent was to deface the sites, he actually overwrote lots of things and left no backup copies.

He also goes on to name some famous terrorists and prove that he knows what leet speak is … not sure if he this is clever or just wants people to call him a script kiddie.

Unfortunately the people running the Internet in Saudi don’t appear to give a **** as they have failed to respond to my emails over the past couple of weeks regarding illegal activity by their users, as a result, all access from this country has now been blocked permanently.

Incidentally, not that anyone is likely to have anything critical to lose, but just for good form - change your password!