Fresh install of Kubuntu and Fatal Error - Unable to configure GRUB

I decided to wipe Window$10 And do a fresh install of Kubuntu 14.04.
However, I have encountered a problem, A window popped up with ‘Unable to configure GRUB’
Executing ‘grub-update’ failed
This is a fatal error.

I’m stumped.

I did a little digging and found THIS

I managed to get Kubuntu installed and booting but could someone please explain, why all the partitions?

UEFI requires a GPT partition table and a FAT32 formatted EFI partition for the bootloaders … I would have thought these already existed though if Win10 was on it.

Maybe 14.04 wasn’t as good as 16.04 at automatically detecting these, and/or creating them where necessary.

Why exactly are you going for 14.04 ?

Well, it is LTE, so I assume it’s going to be supported for a while longer, I like it too.
I will then install the next LTE version, wont that be in 2021?
I cant see the point in updating to the newest OS every 6-12 months, rather stick with an LTE version till end of support.

14.04 was an LTS release, support ends after 5 years so 2019
14.10 was NOT an LTS, support ended after 9 months
15.04 was NOT an LTS, support ended after 9 months
15.10 was NOT an LTS, support ended after 9 months
16.04 was ALSO an LTS release, support ends after 5 years so 2021
16.10 was NOT an LTS, support ends after 9 months
17.04 is NOT an LTS, support ends after 9 months
17.10 will NOT be an LTS, support ends after 9 months
18.04 will ALSO an LTS release, support will end after 5 years so 2023

So as you can see, LTS’s are released every 2 years in April.

16.04 is the most recent LTS, and 18.04 will be the next (April 2018)

So whilst your argument may hold water on a system that’s already up and running … it kinda falls on its face when you’re having to reinstall anyway, where it’d make most sense to install the latest LTS … which is currently 16.04

Why bring out an LTS version every TWO years if it’s supported for FIVE?
I know you probably can’t answer that question, it’s rhetoric.

So new hardware can be supported … it would be a bit of a pain if someone with say a new wireless chip had to wait the full 5 years for support to be added don’t you think :wink:

And … why not ?

How does Window$ do it then?, their track record is;
1995 Windows 95
1998 Windows 98
2000 Windows ME
2001 Windows XP
2006 Windows Vista
2009 Windows 7
2012 windows 8
2013 Windows 8.1
Where’s Windows 9?
2015 Windows 10
2016 Windows 10 Anniversary update

Yes, I know they bring out a new one every, I guess 4 years, that’s not nearly as frequent as Linux.
I don’t know how well their support of new hardware is but don’t they just send out an OS hardware update instead of making a new OS.

NO … Microsoft don’t include the drivers AT ALL, you have to download them (in your wireless case from Intel).


Didn’t actually know that.