Get set for DDR4 RAM.

So for those of you who are into building computers, or like tinkering around, I thought this article may be of interest for you all.

As most of you will know by now, the latest generation of double data rate random access memory (DDRx RAM, x=generation number) is currently on DDR3. With speeds of upto a maximum of 1.6GB file transfers per second @ 1.5V, it’s pretty fast. Well here I introduce DDR4. The new generation of random access memory. Capable of 3.2GB file transfers persecond @ 1.2V, (and later generations will be able to run at an even lower power level! 1.0V it’s thought!) This new generation is faster, cooler, slimmer, and packs a whole load of punch.

Read the article on reghardware.

Oooh … I’ll have to stick some of that in my old Pentium II system to speed it up :wink:

(yes … I was kidding, before people comment)

Haha, I lol’d hard.