Getting Started

Hi everyone,

First, off my names, Chelsea and I’m re-entering the world of Linux after many years of using Mac OS and windows. may I ask a few questions?

I was just wondering what the best versions of Linux would be?

I will mainly be using it for the internet, word processing, some simple photo editing/viewing photos, viewing files, and general simple university work. I will probably load the software on an old accer laptop which is running an older generation processor though I will be upgrading the ram.

second question what version is similar to the layout of mac os, I been searching around and I’m currently liking the bottom access panel which is very user-friendly and clean look.

What version is this and where would be the safest place to download this from?

thanks kindly

Hi Chelsea and welcome to the forum.

Older hardware, I’d have initially suggested Peppermint, and this can easily be modified to have an OS X style bottom dockbar.

But if you want that bottom dockbar ‘out of the box’, I’d probably suggest ElementaryOS.


(BTW, you can still get elementary for free … just enter “custom amount” and set it to $0