Gnome 3.8 Classic desktop - a touch of sanity

Have the Gnome 3 developers seen sense ? … has sanity finally prevailed ?

Gnome 3.8 now features a “Classic Mode”

Classic mode is a new feature for those people who prefer a more traditional desktop experience. Built entirely from GNOME 3 technologies, it adds a number of features such as an application menu, a places menu and a window switcher along the bottom of the screen. Each of these features can be used individually or in combination with other GNOME extensions.

You can check out the release notes … with a picture of the “Classic Mode” desktop, here:

According to this LinuxPlanet article:

Mmm, translated;

As so many users think that Gnome shell is a heap of s**t and are migrating away in their droves, we've finally caved in and added a Gnome2 style interface - which is probably what we should have done in the first place instead of trying to 'make' people use something they didn't actually want by removing any choice.

It turns out your average desktop user wants a desktop interface after all … apparently a desktop isn’t actually a tablet and desktop users aren’t tablet users … shocker eh ?! Actually removing the old interface as there was (clearly) no justification for it is the bit that really rubs …

Yep, about the size of it :slight_smile:


I’ve nothing against Gnome Shell … but there was no justification for removing the old style desktop if it’s still supposed to be aimed at desktops … what was wrong with giving a choice in the first place.

I did however take issue with the apparent attitude and general direction of the Gnome “team” after reading this: