Gnome session fallback for a secondary account [Solved....soooo easily!]

I need to lend a spare desktop to a friend while I sort out her own computer.
The very old, slow, loan PC is running Ubuntu 12.04 (just) and my administrator a/c has Classic View installed. I sort of assumed that gnome-session-fallback would also appear on the secondary a/c that I created for her, but it’s the Unity Desktop and she hates it.
Being a bit ignorant I tried the usual terminal command for installing the g-s-f and received a rude reply. I ran the Ubuntu Software Centre, searched for Gnome Session Fallback and found that it is already installed.
Hmm! How can I get Classic View on the secondary (normal) account? Your help would be appreciated.

At the login screen, select “Gnome Classic” by clicking the little cog icon … then log in to the guest account.

Oh!!!*** I knew that all along but had forgotten.
My apologies for for being a twit, and thank you for your patience.

It’s the heat … I’ve been suffering little brain hiccups all week.


At least I hope it’s the heat, and not just a coincidence :o