Google Chrome 6.x

I’'ve just switched up from the stable version of Chrome to the Version 6 Beta … much nicer menus, but also it seems much quicker, if that’s even possible (!)

I’m currently using the nightly builds of Chromium and it’s definitely growing on me.

Mmm, just hard-loaded the 32-bit version, now using the built in flash module … see if that works better than Adobe’s iffy 64 bit plugin …

I’m not sure if Chromium is supposed to have a flash plugin or not (google-chrome definitely should), but I don’t seem to get one in the nightly build. I went to use chromium to download from Adobe and it says “Google chrome has a flash module built in” ¬_¬.

All sorted after I installed flashplugin-nonfree though, but a bit strange.

Also annoying my bank doesn’t like chromium or even the stable google-chrome…

Ok, it doesn’t work / is not included in the 64bit version od Chrome.

To make it work in the beta (and I guess nightly builds) first remove the flashplugin-nonfree package, then you need to start Chrome with;

google-chrome --enable-internal-flash

Typically I create a Chrome shortcut on my top panel, amend the “command” with this and launch from there.

Also annoying my bank doesn’t like chromium or even the stable google-chrome…

Easy fix, switch banks! :wink:

(I use two banks, both work fine … :slight_smile: )

Would if I could, the intrest on my ISA is too good though (and I only get it cause I have a cash account linked with the ISA) :frowning:

I tried chrome and found it very slow Plus i was getting a lot of security probs with it. The only 2 browesers i found worse than chrome was opera and IE8. even the very old old netscape is a lot better and faster. Kaspersky was telling me its unsafe to use and to update to a newer version but i had the newest version already so got rid of it. Its to plain and simple hasnt got half the features of firefox. Safari is also better than chrome but isnt as good or as fast as firefox. I used to use netscape even though they stopped making it yrs ago. thats till i tried firefox. its by far the best ive used. Its got all the features that IE8 claims to have and more and its very secure. it blocks any dodgy site it comes across. Anti-phishing addware the lot. Its better than my AV at spotting viruses infected sites. While chrome didnt block any dodgy sites at all. My AV kicked in to save me a lot of trouble when i used chrome.

Chrome is MUCH faster than Firefox, in both Linux and Windows, I’m guessing the problem was related to Kaspersky or some other AV / Anti Malware software you had installed… Which isn’t going to be a problem in Linux :wink:

A discussion can be found here:

Just been looking to see what works with linux. all my games will work with it. firefox will but it says chrome wont. chrome isnt even on the list of browsers for it. It has 1 called chromium but its not downloadable yet. But thats just on the umbutu site. when i get linux on my pc ill give it a go to see if chrome does work. But on win7 chrome sucks. in the time it took chrome to load 1 site firefox loaded 5

Firefox will be preinstalled in Ubuntu and Mint, and Chrome is available from here:

Current edition

Or Chrome 6 beta:

Or install either of the above and the other will be available in the package manager, and will be updated automatically.
Chromium is a slightly different version… think of it as the testbed version, where they test new features/code before adding it to the main Chrome edition.

ill be getting umbutu 9.1 cause the newer version wont run windows games. From what i can see there is another program to add onto wine to make it more compatible with win games but its unstable. It runs games faster than wine but crashes alot. Its an add on for wine to make it faster but written by someone else. I looked at some linux systems in pc world but they tried to talk me out of getting linux lol. They only had linux light on netbooks though. The staff kept tring to show me windows netbooks but i only wanted the linux one. but in the end i got a pc instead but not from pc world as they dont have a clue about commputors lol.

I don’t know where you are getting your information from but WINE is available for both Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04 (and any other Linux distro)… it is the same app/edition in both… and there is no program to make WINE run faster… there are apps to ease the installation of Windows apps in WINE such as PlayOnLinux

Mmm, I’ve been running Chrome on Linux for quite some time … can’t comment on the Windows version but read any independent review you like, there is no competition. Chrome’s JS engine benchmarks at 2.5 x faster than Firefox, and Firefox is easily the best of the rest. As for rendering speed, check out the Google speed tests on YouTube, again no competition. Check the benchmarks yourself, it’s not an opinion.

As for comparing Chrome to Netscape, Netscape was a great browser, but that was a long time ago. You’re comparing an F1 car to a model T Ford, which means there is something seriously wrong with your PC, besides of course that it’s running Windows.

Incidentally, it’s Ubuntu 9.10, not 9.1 … (!) … and if you have the 32bit Chrome beta, it has Adobe’s Flash player built in (no plugin required) and also a PDF view built-in, I don’t know any other browsers that come close to this in terms of features (!)

It was playonlinux i was on about. From what it says it makes games run faster as well but its unstable. I followed a link on here to find out if my games will work. it said yes to 9.1 but no to the newer version. Dont say why though. it also said yes on mint 8 and no to mint 9. But not as many worked on mint. All my paradox games will work. But as paradox make games for linux they should work anyway lol. They use opengl and directx.

Unlikely that they won’t work in 10.04 but they will in 9.10… they probably just meant that they hadn’t been tested in 10.04 yet, as the version of WINE will be the same, and even if it isn’t you can always install the older version of WINE.

PlayOnLinux will make installation faster, but it won’t make the game run faster, as all it does is add the correct setting into WINE… unless of course you put the wrong settings in WINE :wink:

Effectively there should be no Linux distro that is any better than any other for Windows game compatibility, as they all use WINE.

Not that I’m trying to talk you into 10.04… by all means use 9.10, as a matter of fact I recommend Mint 8 or Ubuntu 9.10

I dont know what version of chrome i had. But it was the latest version when i had it about 3 months ago. It didnt have any features on it at all. just very basic. No flash or java or anything. I downloaded it from googles own site. it did say its the fastest but only had the bare bones to make it fast. Ive sen mixed revies on it. some say its good some say its crap. I didnt like the way it looked and lack of features. The beta 6 sounds better though. After using netscape for 10yrs or so u get used to it lol. firefox is based on netscape so gues its what im used too. Think thats why linux is having trouble getting ppl to use it. everyone is used to windows and dont want to change to another os that they dont know. I 1st heard of linux about 8yrs ago and been trying to work out how to get it since. I read loads of reviews about it. But everyone i asked about putting it on my pc said no cause its a pig to install and would take weeks. they did say its a lot better than windows just very hard to install. But from what ive read on here its a lot easier than windows to install lol.

But as paradox make games for linux they should work anyway lol.

Really ?! Do you have a link? I’m only finding “paradox interactive” on a search … ??

some say its good some say its crap

I’ve yet to see one - got a link?

Linux installers have come a long,long,long way in the last 8 years… nowadays anyone who says it’s harder than Windows to install hasn’t tried it. (full stop)

And as for Weeks to install… 25-30 minutes, and that includes all the office apps, web apps, media players, codecs, etc.

I dont know anything about how pc works. I know how to build them though. But i did read something somewhere that wine wont be needed if they use opengl instead of directx. But microsoft is blocking game makers from using opengl cause it will mean a game can be used on windows linux and mac.

Again, not entirely correct… OpenGL is just a graphics API (like Direct3D)… the rest of the game also would have to be written and compiled for Linux.

Indeed Windows can use OpenGL, so games that use OpenGL may still be Windows only.

Games that use OpenGL may or may not run better under WINE than a Direct3D one would but there is no guarantee… and if they are Windows games they will still need WINE, and still may not run at all in Linux.