Google Chrome on Linux

Looks like Chrome V5 is about to become ‘stable’ on Linux (although I’ve been using it quite happily for quite some time) and when all’s said and done, it makes Firefox look a little ‘sad’ by comparison. (and I’m not even going to bother mentioning IE …) [primarily on the ‘speed’ front]

Take a look here;

The video at the foot of the page is quite fun if you have 5 minutes to burn … :slight_smile:

I find this kind of funny… As you know I’ve been using the daily builds for quite some time, and they have been problem free since I started using them, and I update them daily… Until yesterday… that build wouldn’t allow me to “search” using Google’s own search engine and the chat function on this site wouldn’t load… todays build is working perfectly again, so it wasn’t something on my system. :slight_smile:

Mmm, I take it you read the caveat’s associated with daily builds … :wink:

If you pull the version from the Ubuntu Repo’s you’ll find it’s actually a little ‘different’ to the daily build version … not just in terms of stability … which I find a little odd …

Yes I understand there may be problems with the daily builds, but one would think they are the “work in progress” towards a final release version, and if this IS the case it would seem a bit premature to announce a “release imminent” if they are still having problems… that said, I suppose it still MAY have been a problem at my end.

Or maybe my presumption is wrong… maybe the daily builds are “ahead” of what they are considering a final release.

When I said “I find this kind of funny”… I meant amusing, and really meant the bit about Google Chrome not talking to Google search :slight_smile:

Heh, there are a number of Google things they’re obviously not testing Chrome with … :wink:

fyi; The SVN and ‘stable’ trees do seem to have notable differences, the SVN tree for example seems to be missing the code to view and selectively delete local cookies, which is present in the release build (!) [quite annoying for developers!] The two builds also create independent profiles …

At the end of the day, the SVN build isn’t tested much, hence you will get bugs creeping in … but you should also see them removed just as quickly … :slight_smile: