Google Trends show Ubuntu is becoming "thee" Linux distro.

According to Google trends, Ubuntu (as a whole) is becoming more popular each year. It’s now more popular than OS X, Fedora AND Mint.
With Canonical setting up shops in China, and the media becoming more and more aware of it, Ubuntu has seen a massive growth.

You can see the statics below.

Ubuntu v OS X

Ubuntu v Fedora

Ubuntu v Mint

What’s more remarkable is the growth of Ubuntu Server. Comparing it with Windows Server 2003, Ubuntu server is actually just about ready to take over.

Ubuntu Server v Windows Server 2003.

FINALLY … some statistics that actually make sense … I’ve been sick of hearing this 1% figure for Linux market penetration Vs 13% for OS X for a long time.

This makes MUCH more sense to me (Linux Vs OS X):

or Linux Vs OS X Vs Windows

Good spot :slight_smile:

Not to worry, hehe. I tried comparing Windows & Ubuntu, and we’re way down. Although, we have been growing steadily.

For example, take the die hard XP users. There have been times where we have actually OVERTOOK them.

So it shouldn’t be too long before we’ve got that “Linux compatible” or “Linux certified” sticker. :wink:

And I’m one of them ;D
I’m really glad I ditched Windows and came over to Ubuntu (11.10). Saved myself £1,200.00 as I was going to buy a new ‘faster’ PC and Windows 7. All I needed to do was what I’ve done and it’s given my PC a new lease of life… It’s already 5 years old and now can (hopefully) live on for another 5.

So it shouldn't be too long before we've got that "Linux compatible" or "Linux certified" sticker. ;)
I'd be happy to have one on my PC.