Grub and recovery modes

Where have all these recovery modes come from?

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The extra entries in the GRUB menu…

On Ubuntu, when you get a kernel update, the old kernel isn’t removed by default… just in case there is a problem with the newer kernel… so you can boot to the old one.

So with each new kernel, you will have an extra 2 entries in the GRUB menu… the new kernel, and it’s recovery mode option.

Kernel updates only take up about 1.5mb, so they aren’t taking up loads of room.

You can uninstall older kernels either in Synaptic, or with something like Ubuntu Tweak

Be careful not to remove the latest (current) kernel, and it would probably be a good idea to leave at least one other.

If you install Ubuntu Tweak, you’ll find it in the Applications>System Tools>Ubuntu Tweak menu item… fire it up… then go to Package Cleaner>Clean Kernels… it shouldn’t let you remove the current kernel… it doesn’t even list it.
(but just to be sure run uname -a in a terminal to see which kernel you are currently using, and if you’ve recently run a system update that may have installed a new kernel make sure you’ve rebooted … ie. if your shutdown icon in the top panel is red)

Useful information, thank you very much. I was worried that I had extra partitions that I had inadvertently put on.

I have downloaded Ubuntu Tweak but when I extract it there are another two files control.tar.gz and data.tar.gz plus debian-binary. I don’t know what to do next.

Erm… it should be a .deb file… don’t right-click and extract… just double-click it, and it should get opened by the Ubuntu Software Centre.

When the Ubuntu Software Centre opens, just click “Install”.

You can download the .deb from this link:

Job done!

Thanks again for helping me. You are a Top ambassador for Linux. :slight_smile:

Great program.

Yeh, there’s loads of useful options in Ubuntu Tweak.

and Thanks :slight_smile: