Handbrake wont read .iso files

I have a load of .iso files and I want to rip the films from them but Handbrake is not working properly, it lets me select an .iso but after reading it, there’s nothing showing.

Hi pooky

I’ve been watching this thread with some interest waiting for someone to come up with an answer.I could be wrong about this but here’s my best shot

I don’t think handbrake will work with a .iso as it’s an image file not really a video file, so my guess is you’ll have to convert it first to DVD then run the Video TS file through Handbrake.

There’s probably a better solution but that’s the best I can come up with

Good luck


Handbrake can read ISO files and treat them as a DVD

and if not, you should be able to mount the ISO by right-clicking it and selecting “Mount Archive” … then AFAIK the entire system will treat it as a mounted DVD

I’m still having the problem, even after a fresh install.
I’ve used Brasero to rip the DVD to .iso, Handbrake reads some of the 'iso files but not all, so I’ve mounted the .iso file and extracted thr contents to the respectively named ‘VIDEO_TS’ folder. Handbrake either reads the contents and produces nothing to see or hangs.
I’ve also installed DVD::RIP and ACIDRIP but I cant get either to work, they have the necessary files installed in DVD::RIP (some reporting as ‘not tested’).

I’ve noticed that when I insert a DVD then remove it, then insert another DVD, I go to Dolphin and open the DVD in a tab, the tab displays the previous DVD’s name and not the currently loaded DVD. Why is this and how do I correct it.