Hard Disk Drive shortage and price hike due to Thailand floods

Anyone else noticed the massive increase in hard drive prices due to the Thailand floods, and the fact that they are all being bought by the system manufacturing giants.

Check out the prices here (and notice that it’s set for lowest priced drives first):

and more info on what’s causing it here:

Oddly enough … if you now wanted a 2TB internal hard drive … it would now be nearly £100 cheaper to buy one of these NAS drives:

and take the drive out of it, than to buy the same Western Digital 2TB green drive alone:

or nearly £250 cheaper than the WD 2TB black edition:

Wow… I never would’ve expected there to be a hard-drive disk shortage. What about CPU’s or Mobos? PSU’s?

Nah, they tend to be made, or have their components made in Taiwan, Korea, China, Japan. and the US.