Hard drive for Lenovo T500-2241

My trusty T500 laptop turned out to be not so trusty as the 160GB hard drive died.
Lenovo offer a maximum of 320GB but I believe it’s possible to upgrade to 500GB. Although I found pages of eBay adverts for them I would prefer to use a supplier recommended by Forum users.

[ol]- Since Lenovo don’t offer 500GB would I be wise to stick their maximum of 320GB?

  • If the Forum feels that 500GB is OK, can anyone recommend a reputable supplier? [/ol]

My thanks as usual for any advice.

(And yes; I had backed up!)

Nah you’ll be fine with anything up to 2TB


or maybe

or half way between the 2 but with the extra performance of 7200rpm (though there’s a penalty in resistance to shock damage)

but if I were you, I’d SERIOUSLY be considering an SSD instead of an HDD … you’ll be amazed at the difference it’ll make performance wise, and they’re pretty much shock damage resistant as they have no moving parts.

IMHO laptops shouldn’t contain hard drives if they’re going to be used anywhere except on top of a table and they’re never going to be moved whilst powered on.

OK - you’ve sold it to me.
Assuming that I need 2.5" devices, Ebuyer have two 500GB of interest:

  • Samsung 850 PRO 512GB SATAIII 2.5inch SSD

  • Toshiba 2.5" Q300 Pro 512GB Internal SSD

How do they sound?

Get the Samsung 850 PRO … best SATA SSD on the market … and the reason I bought a Samsung 850 PRO 256GB a few weeks ago:



The 840 PRO also trounced all-comers in a “tested to destruction” test (and the 850 should be even more reliable)
So the Samsung PRO series are the fastest and the longest lasting of the consumer grade SSD’s and in normal use should outlast an HDD (which is why Samsung do a 10year guarantee on them as opposed to the more normal 3 years for other SSD’s, and 5 years for their 850 EVO).

Thank you for taking so much trouble, Mark - you’re a gent. I shall order one forthwith!


No trouble mate … I’d already done this homework when I bought my 850 PRO 256GB a few weeks ago :slight_smile:

They aint cheap, but they kick ass :wink:

Another vote for the Samsung Pro series SSD’s here - got two, and the performance increase is astonishing - cold boots are sub 10secs, and wake from suspend is more or less instantaneous. Also fitted one to a pals old HP laptop, with impressive results.

Having dropped a laptop recently (!), I can also attest to their shock resistance. The SSD survived, unscathed - the mobo was a slightly different story :-\

My SSD arrived today from eBuyer and I have just installed it, installed Ubuntu 14.04 and reloaded all my backup files.

It feels very good and I am very grateful for your advice, Mark.


Terrific, glad you like it Keith :slight_smile:

Mon Dieu, it’s quick! A joy to use.

Yeah, once you try an SSD I’m afraid there’s no going back, HDD’s just won’t cut it any more :slight_smile: