Heartbleed - How will this virus affect the Open Source community?

Can I just ask - Heartbleed is on everyones lips at the moment. OpenSSL is an open source software. How will the this newly discovered threat now affect the Linux community and will we have to adopt windows like anti virus checks?

It won’t affect it at all - a vulnerability was found and a patch immediately released as an update (the normal way of doing things).

and NOPE, AV on your desktop system or the webserver would not have helped because it wouldn’t have known about the vulnerability any sooner.

It is not a problem you as a desktop user need to patch against … it was a vulnerability in openssl running on webservers, and as long as they’re kept up to date, they should have already been patched.

AV running on the webservers would not have helped … as soon as the vulnerability became known it was patched, and the normal update procedure would have automatically installed the updated version … so it was fixed as quickly as possible and AV would NOT have made this happen any sooner.

As you can see, the normal update system acts better than any AV in the first place … of course it only works if the system admins keep their systems up to date, but that’s the same with AV

read this:

Thanks, Mark, I was wondering about that too.