Help, I'm getting too much spam, what do I do?

You can help the war on SPAM by reporting in when you get it, here’s how;

  1. Visit and register
  2. Each time you get some spam, view a ‘raw’ copy of the email
  3. Copy it to your clipboard (Select, then Ctrl+C)
  4. Visit SpamCop and select “Report SPAM”
  5. Paste the email into the box provided (Ctrl+V)
  6. Click “Process Spam”
  7. Wait for 10 secs, then confirm your entry

May be a bit of a pain, but the more people do this, the better the anti-spam relays get and the fewer you’ll see.

  • “and” it’s very “rewarding” in an “I’ve just reported your SPAM you tossers” kind of way … :slight_smile:

… to benefit from this, make sure you’re using an email provider who implements RBL’s, (Spamcop’s in particular).
[yes, @… uses Spamcop! :slight_smile: ]

Very good idea :slight_smile:

I must add, my @… email addresses don’t get that much SPAM and it does an excellent job of filtering out the small amount I do get anyway.

Heh, the mail relays are indeed working very hard on your behalf! :slight_smile: is itself running behind three relays which use some fairly comprehensive blocking techniques … this is a graph of blocked email from one of the relays for the last 24h …
[smg type=full id=1572]
“Spam” is the stuff it delivers to you with “*** SPAM ***” in the subject line, but “Rejected” is the stuff that it decides, on the basis of RBL lists like the one run by SpamCop, is SPAM, based on the origin of the email. Just to put this into context, this is a graph of actual deliveries for the same period;
[smg type=full id=1573]
Makes a difference eh?!

Erm, YES … that explains why I don’t get much then :slight_smile:

Incidentally, current version of is the OS version of Zimbra with a shed load of storage … no limitation on # users … :slight_smile: